TPS Aviation, Inc. is dedicated to providing superior quality product, on-time delivery, excellent customer service, and up-to-date technical assistance to its worldwide customer base of both commercial and military sectors, to their utmost satisfaction, and strives towards continual improvement.

TPS is a worldwide distributor of commercial and military-specific aerospace parts, and supplies many programs including value-added services with industry leading service.

TPS is recognized as a quality supplier representing over 60 years of service and millions of ready-to-ship, fully-certified on-site stocked parts — and is an authorized distributor and stocking distributor for many major aerospace manufacturers and their subcontractors.

TPS’s continued success is measured with each part and every delivery.



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Why TPS is a top supplier

Logistics and Support

TPS professionals are available to handle all of your logistics needs. TPS is committed to providing the necessary service and support to ensure that outbound shipments arrive on schedule and in excellent condition.

To ensure accurate data tracking, accounting, and documentation — TPS utilizes the latest data center infrastructure. All parts and products, received at TPS facilities, are categorized and legacy tracked to meet all compliance requirements.

Quality Assurance Program

Customers expect and appreciate TPS’s commitment to the industry’s Total Quality Management program. To ensure customers the highest possible quality and service — TPS maintains a thorough shipping and receiving inspection department. TPS personnel inspect, package and document all items for shipment.

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